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Classic Midcentury Color

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Exotic Butterfly Fabric / Pattern by Josef Franck / FSchumacher

JOSEF FRANK, an Austrian-born architect, artist, and designer together with Oskar Strnad, created the Vienna School of Architecture, and its concept of Modern houses, housing and interiors. Unlike Le Corbusier's principle of "a home should be a machine for living", Frank created his own style of modernism with color at it's core and valued "hominess" and comfort.

Austria suffered from a severe housing shortage after World War I, and Frank emerged as a leader of a group of design activists who campaigned for affordable homes which today seem very bleak as compared to his cheerful fabrics. The workers’ apartments he designed had attractive views, good airflow and abundant light.

Below, a casual dining space by Kate Ridder, still looks fresh and new. Kate Ridder is one of my favorite American Interior Designers. She is not afraid of color and her interiors are classic (enduring).


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