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10 Days Before Christmas - Outdoor Makeover

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Although the Italians do not use the word "al fresco" for sitting outside, we have borrowed the phrase meaning "cool air" to offer a more beautiful expression of enjoying the "fresh air" while dining.

Approximately ten days before Christmas, a client requested a transformation of their patio and pool area. I began with a phone call to Laura McLeod, a Master Gardner in Palm Beach. The client had two requests:

1. Outdoor furniture that would "never" need replacing

2. New plants to include a herb garden for her husband.

NOTE: The homes exterior is in need of renovation, however, our job was to "spruce up" the outdoors with furnishings and landscaping.

Laura McLeod is a certified landscape designer and horticultural professional in Palm Beach and often gives tours of the amazing gardens at the Phipps Estate in Palm Beach. Since we had an extremely tight time frame to complete the project, Laura immediately called upon all her connections in the landscape industry. I began sending images to the client for furniture and worked closely with the amazing team at Janus et Cie. I specified them because of their great design and quality construction. Their premium materials resist harsh elements and are frequently used for fine hotels and yachts.

By DAY 3, the furniture was on order and the patio was being pressure cleaned. Irrigation began with specific timers for all of the variety of plants, including the herb garden and potted plants, for easy maintenance. The following four images are before.

1. Before: Outdoor conversation area with small fire pit to be added.

2. Before: Covered patio and area for future herb garden.

3. Before: Old furniture, mildew, no plantings to soften the edges of pool.

DAY 4 - I meet with Laura McLeod to begin preliminary plant selections and layout. A sketch was drawn to convey Laura's concept.

Assorted "aged" decorative pots by Campo di Fiori. While Laura was buying plants, I was on site. She asked me to place my hand over the pot and text her the picture. This is how she could quickly select the right size plant.

Terra Cotta pots waiting to be filled with beautiful plants.

5 Days before Christmas

DAY 10: CHRISTMAS EVE - Janus et Cie furniture arrives from California in record time. Above is the Quadratl dining table with glass top by Orlando Diaz.

Herb garden lines the side of the house, Italian cypress at columns and succulents are used for table. Outdoor area rug is Marina Stipe by Dash & Albert.

Arbor Lounge Chairs by Janus et Cie.

Lots and Lots of Herbs & Lettuces

BELOW: Inspiration of the Janus et Cie outdoor furnishings in other settings.

Janus et Cie furniture is truly built to withstand harsh environments and has various price points.

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