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Design Secrets From My Mentors

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

One of my first design apprenticeships while attending Kendall College of Art and Design was with Nancy Phillips. Nancy's husband, Stephen Frykholm, was Herman Miller's graphic designer and famous for his picnic posters. Together they both embraced a highly refined sense of design. I was fortunate to work in this very tranquil home in the country, just outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Eight Design Lessons in the Country

  1. An interior designer should study classical architecture

  2. Create a well thought out space plan

  3. Maximize natural light

  4. Limit hallways and doors

  5. Limit architectural materials to a few selections

  6. High-quality paint should be the first item in your interiors budget [limit color]

  7. Select high-quality furnishings & fixtures, less is more [quality over quantity]

  8. Select high-quality Bed Linens and use all white sheets & towels [limit color to a trim or embroidery]

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