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  • Sara Fattori

Transforming McMansions: Jupiter Waterway Revival

Updated: Oct 4, 2023


What is a "McMansion"?

A "McMansion" is a term coined by architects to describe large, mass-produced homes that lack thoughtful design principles. These homes are often characterized by excessive size, lack of architectural integrity, and poor craftsmanship.

Why are McMansions Considered Problematic?

McMansions have garnered criticism from architects and design professionals for several reasons:

  • Lack of Proportion: McMansions often have disproportionate features, such as oversized garages or towering facades, which can disrupt the visual harmony of a neighborhood.

  • Poor Quality: Due to their mass-produced nature, McMansions are often built with low-quality materials and construction techniques, leading to maintenance issues and a shorter lifespan.

  • Disregard for Context: McMansions are frequently built without consideration for the surrounding environment or architectural style, resulting in a jarring visual impact.

The Importance of Design Principles

Architects emphasize the importance of design principles when creating homes. These principles include:

  • Proportion and Scale: A well-designed home takes into account the appropriate proportions and scale to create a visually pleasing and harmonious structure.

  • Integration with the Surroundings: A thoughtfully designed home considers the context of its surroundings, blending in with the natural environment or complementing the existing architectural style.

  • Functionality: Design principles ensure that a home is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, meeting the needs of its occupants.

The Impact of McMansions on Communities

McMansions can have a negative impact on communities in various ways:

  • Decreased Property Values: The presence of McMansions in a neighborhood can lead to a decrease in property values for surrounding homes, as they may not align with the overall character of the area.

  • Loss of Community Identity: McMansions can disrupt the cohesive architectural identity of a community, eroding its unique character and sense of place.

  • Environmental Concerns: The construction and maintenance of McMansions often have a larger ecological footprint due to their excessive size and energy consumption.



This home will be a shining star in the neighborhood with a new Ludowici roof. The Ludowici roof offers the look of cedar, is made from the highest quality of terra cotta, and will outlast most roofs on the market today. The Ludowici history dates back to Rome over 400 years ago. I am incredibly impressed with the Ludowici design, maintenance, protection from humidity, and sustainability features.


When it comes to home design, it is crucial to consider the principles of architecture and avoid the pitfalls of McMansions. Thoughtful design not only enhances the visual appeal of a home but also contributes to the overall well-being of communities and the environment.

Although Admirals Cove is not known for a particular architectural style in homes, the properties are on the water with access to the Intracoastal in minutes. Below is our new concept for this home; replacing bulky windows, out-of-proportion columns, and many other not-very-pleasing elements. We have added quality materials to lift the house to a new level.

My initial interior design concepts influenced the home's exterior color and details—a fabric by AST and a paint by Sherwin Williams.

The custom anchor rug for the living area will lay on top of a hand-scraped wood floor by Absolute Hardwood. Limestone by Haifa Limestone will flow from the kitchen and family room to the outdoor area, and my feature fabric is a Christopher Farr Cloth.




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